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Motivation: The Key to Improving Patient Outcomes 10/27/2020 Internet 
Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) & Xerosis (Dry Skin) 10/29/2020 Internet 
The Common Cold: An Update for Pharmacy Professionals 11/02/2020 Internet 
Identifying, Targeting and Managing Chronic Renal Failure 11/04/2020 Internet 
Safe Medication Use in the Older Patient 11/06/2020 Internet 
HIV Medications: Newer Drugs, Newer Guidelines 11/07/2020 Internet 
Overview of Asthma Therapy for Pharmacy Professionals 11/09/2020 Internet 
Building Resilience for Pandemic and Peaceful Times 11/10/2020 Internet 
Geriatric Grab-Bag: Erectile Dysfunction, Testosterone Deficiency, and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy 11/12/2020 Internet 
Medical Marijuana: The Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, Not The Politics 11/13/2020 Internet 
COPD Update for Pharmacy Professionals 11/16/2020 Internet 
Management of Bipolar Disorder 11/17/2020 Internet 
Establishing a Patient Communication Plan in Your Pharmacy 11/18/2020 Internet 
Management of Alcohol Use Disorders 11/19/2020 Internet 
Opioid Pharmacology: A Review of Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics 11/20/2020 Internet 
Biosimilar Drugs: Legal, Regulatory & Safety Considerations 11/23/2020 Internet 
A Functional Approach to Better Sleep 11/24/2020 Internet 
A Functional Approach to Andropause 11/30/2020 Internet 

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