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Alternatives and Complements to Prescription Pain Management 03/25/2018 Internet 
Management of Alcohol Use Disorders 03/26/2018 Internet 
Pharmacy & the Opioid Crisis 03/27/2018 Internet 
Medication Adherence: To Take or Not to Take…That is the Problem 03/28/2018 Internet 
Medical Marijuana: Examining the Science, Not the Politics 03/29/2018 Internet 
Biosimilar Drugs: Legal, Regulatory & Safety Considerations 03/30/2018 Internet 
Skin Infections: Focus on Cellulitis & MRSA 04/02/2018 Internet 
The New Hypertension Guidelines: What are They Telling Us? 04/03/2018 Internet 
Beyond the Biome- Managing Gut Health Through Lifestyle Medicine 04/04/2018 Internet 
Treatment and Management of Osteoporosis 04/05/2018 Internet 
Management of Major Depressive Disorders 04/09/2018 Internet 
Smoking Cessation: A Toolkit for Pharmacy Professionals 04/10/2018 Internet 
Shingles Immunization: What’s New? 04/11/2018 Internet 
NSAIDs, Acetaminophen and Adjuvants in Pain Management 04/12/2018 Internet 
Vitamin D Primer for Pharmacy Professionals 04/16/2018 Internet 
Management of Childhood Psychiatric Disorders 04/17/2018 Internet 
A Primer to Paleo 04/18/2018 Internet 
Adult Immunizations: A Guide for Pharmacists, Techs & NPs 04/19/2018 Internet 
Can Pharmacy Malpractice Be a Crime? 04/20/2018 Internet 
Know Your Value, Know Your Worth: Provider Status in Pharmacy 04/23/2018 Internet 
Geriatric Grab-Bag: Erectile Dysfunction, Testosterone Deficiency, and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy 04/24/2018 Internet 
Pharmacy Law & Ethics 04/25/2018 Internet 
Immunity Puzzle- The Balance of Stress, Inflammation with Lifestyle Medicine 04/26/2018 Internet 
Metabolic Syndrome: The Heart of Any Wellness Practice 04/29/2018 Internet 
Legal & Practical Issues in Compounding Pharmacy 04/30/2018 Internet 

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